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Design Thinking and Data Mining in Genetics and Breeding

发布时间:2017-06-27 00:17:04     来源:玉米中心

题目Design Thinking and Data Mining in Genetics and Breeding

报告人Jianming Yu教授(Iowa State University, USA)

时间2017年07月03日[ Monday ]10:00






余博士现任“Plant Genome”编委,曾任“作物科学(2008-2010)” 和“Theoretical and Applied Genetics (2007-2011) 编委,任多次科研项目评审委员及多家学术杂志评审员。受邀讲座70次,发表学术论文70多篇,其中多篇论文被广泛引用。余博士在2010获北美作物协会“年轻学者奖”和“青年作物学家”。

Jianming Yu is Professor and Pioneer Distinguished Chair in Maize Breeding in the Department of Agronomy, Iowa State University. The focus of Yu’s program is to address significant questions in plant breeding by combining cutting-edge genomic technologies and quantitative genetics theories. In a recently completed study, Yu’s team demonstrated that a comprehensive strategy based on genomic selection and other relevant technologies can be designed to mine the natural heritage stored in numerous gene banks (Nature Plants 2:16150). In 2015, his research team published the first complete case of heterosis due to pseudo-overdominance (PNAS 112:11823-11828). In 2012, Yu’s team identified the Shattering1 gene and its homologs underlying the parallel domestication of multiple cereal species (Nature Genetics 44:720-724). Other recent research findings include quantifying genic and nongenic contributions to quantitative trait variation in maize (Genome Research 22:2436-2444), cloning of the Tan1 gene underlying a trait with incomplete domestication (PNAS 109:10281-10286), DNA base composition divergence (Nucleic Acids Research 43:3614-3625), and chromosome size variation (Molecular Biology and Evolution 28:1901–1911). Earlier significant research contributions include: genomic selection (GS)(Crop Science 47:1082-1090), nested association mapping (NAM)(Genetics 138:539-551), and mixed model method for genome-wide association studies (GWAS)(Nature Genetics 38:203-208). He is the recipient of the Emerging Leaders in Applied Plant Sciences Award from University of Minnesota in 2014, the Young Crop Scientist Award from Crop Science Society of America in 2010, and the Early Career Professional Award from ASA-CSSA-SSSA. Yu is a member of Raymond F. Baker Center for Plant Breeding and a Faculty Scholar of the Plant Science Institute.
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