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Single-molecule analysis of multicomponent systems in DNA repair

发布时间:2018-12-11 17:16:26     来源:玉米中心

题目Single-molecule analysis of multicomponent systems in DNA repair

报告人Terence R. Strick

时间2018年12月12日[ 星期三 ]09:30



DNA repair is often a multi-component, multi-step process involving damage recognition, validation of that recognition step, and damage repair perse. The multistep nature of the process makes it difficult to characterize in detail using standard biochemical techniques. Single-molecule approaches, despite their name, remain powerful tools for reaching deep inside multistep reaction systems to characterize in detail the kinetics and composition of molecular complexes. We will illustrate this in the context of three essential DNA repair systems which are involved in protecting genomes from a range of lesions: DNA mismatch repair, transcription-coupled repair, and nonhomologous end-joining.

Selected Publication:

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